#storagebeers, 13th Nov

If you’re within striking distance of London W1 on 13th Nov, why not pop along to #storagebeers for a social to meet some of your peers?

For further information and location, see: http://www.storagebod.com





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GPFS UG 10 RFE Questionnaire Results available

The results of the User Group 10 RFE survey have been collated and are now available as a PDF.

We encourage all our members to read the RFE Questionnaire Results document and actively participate in RFE discussion on the mailing list and the IBM GPFS RFE website.



We will actively solicit the IBM GPFS team for feedback regarding the RFE Questionnaire Results and update the membership with any proceedings.

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IBM releases Software Defined Storage for Dummies

Just in time for the weekend, IBM have released an eBook as an introduction to how GPFS can be applied to the world of SDS.

Software Defined Storage for Dummies


You can grab the PDF here


Kudos: The Register

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